Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Stud is Home!!

Ok, first of all, I'm so sorry this has taken me so long to post these. I have tried several times to get the video to load and I'm having trouble. So I'm SUPER disappointed b/c the video was so good! Anyone who can help me please give me a call or leave a comment and I'll call you.

Well, we have had an amazing first few days. We are both still having trouble sleeping through the night. But praise the Lord Dan isn't having nightmares!! We just aren't used to it yet and we're both so wired! :) Loud noises have scared the b'geezes out of Dan a few times, but other than that his transition has been great.

These first few pictures are of our place before I went to pick him up. I didn't decorate a whole ton b/c I wanted Dan to be able to come in the house and relax.
This is our balcony.
We have an indoor entry, so this is our front door.

This is the view off our balcony.
Well, I was just about to walk out the door and I got a phone call that the ceremony was delayed until 8:30. So Tiff and Steve were so sweet and took me to dinner to distract me. Jake (Dan's good buddy) and his brother Eli went with us too. They were going to the ceremony with me.
This is me, Tiff, Eli, and Jake anxiously waiting!
Ok, so I was really glad Dan's short b/c I knew it would help me find him. As soon as the guys started coming in everyone was screaming and cheering, but I just kept saying "O NO! They're all short!!!" But I found him! And the miracle was that he found me. It took him about 30 seconds and he saw me in the stands. He instantly started grinning ear to ear!
This is the formation after everyone was in there. There were about 280 that came home in this group. You can't imagine how packed that place was!!
This is me screaming "He sees me! He sees me!" I was so scared that we wouldn't be able to find each other.
Isn't this guy such a stud!!! I was so crazy excited! I wish I hadn't cried b/c I look so retarded in these pictures! :)

This is Dan and his buddy Jake who came home wounded in October. He really missed Dan! And Dan was really bored over there without him.
These are pictures of Dan getting to our place. He had tons of stuff and there's a ton more on the way! Isn't he such a stud!!! :)

Dan and I having a glass of champagne. We look so tired in this picture. We were.
Dan's first time using his grill. This was his birthday gift, which was in February.

Dan and his buddy Jake having a celebratory cigar together! It's over!!
Ok, this may seem random, but I thought it was histerical. So Dan and I forgot to take Mattie out and she went to the bathroom in the house. Dan said he would clean it up and he had just what he needed to help with the smell!! Isn't he brilliant! :)


Kristyn said...

WELCOME HOME DAN!!!! We're so thankful and proud of you. Can't wait to see y'all!

Anonymous said...

We are so glad that Dan is home! I cried I was so happy for the 2 of you! Thanks for the messages and pictures.
Emily Poulter

JJ said...

I'm so happy for yall! Welcome Home Dan!!!! I'm so glad you're home safely at last! Kara

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan and Ashleigh... welcome home and Im SO happy for yall and all that mushy stuff... but I really just wanted to say... you misspelled *hysterical. LOVE YOU BOTH!

(and Christa says it was good to see yall!)

Anonymous said...

oh and that sweet comment above... was from your loving brother Lanny.