Saturday, July 5, 2008

A New Member of the Fam!

Dan and I have been looking for another puppy for awhile. We didn't want to spend a lot of $$, but we were hoping not to end up with a mutt b/c we wanted to know what breed we were working with. We've looked at shelters, but couldn't find a puppy that wasn't part pitbull, which wasn't an option. Well today we found a Great Pyrenees but Dan didn't really want a dog quite that big.

This is me using the sad face! Please!

I can . . . really!?

Sasha is 8wks old today (born on May 5). She's already 1/2 the size of Mattie. Her dad weighs 170lbs and her mom weighs 130lbs!! You should have seen her brother. He was all white and looked exactly like a polar bear cub.

Dan secretly loves her!! Actually, it's not a secret anymore. As soon as the sad face worked, he was crazy about her. He's the one who picked out her name - Sasha.

I know it's dorky to have a blast with dogs, but without kids around the house they keep us company . . . and they definitely keep us busy!

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