Thursday, February 12, 2009

January Sono Pics

I had a sonogram back in January and everything went really well. The doctor said that all of her organs and skeleton looked really good. And she was moving a lot. It actually took the radiologist a long time to check everything she needed to because Isabelle was moving so much. Then by the time we were trying to verify that she was a girl Isabelle fell asleep and wouldn't move for anything. But we did get a chance to verify that before it was all over.

2 of the pictures are very similar. The first one and the last one are profiles. The first one she is asleep and the last one she is awake. I doesn't look like she's gonna have my lips and the radiologist said she didn't have my nose. I think she has Kaci's nose and Dan's lips. I really can't wait to see her in person and see who she looks like.

I think this is one of the coolest pictures. Her leg is completely straight and her head is by her feet, but you can't really see her head in this picture. I just think the picture of her leg is so cool. I never expected her to have her legs straight. She must be a little more flexible than I am. :)


The Shepherd Family said...

Absolutely adorable!! I am so happy for you guys! I am thrilled for your recent purchase. How wonderful it will be to have home, at home. I am looking forward to that day...some day:)
thanks for the encouraging words. I am whiny I realize, just anxious and ready to be done. aww well. we have been truly blessed thus far, I should not expect any less any other time.
are you registered anywhere for Isabella? I have some summer outfits (barely worn) if you would like to have them. they are from gymboree. just let me know and i will mail them out. my new email is
good luck with everything and God Bless!!

Cinda Boshart said...

Wow, Ashleigh, sonograms are getting so detailed. I love seeing Isabella's face! (And the leg is cool, too:) Can't wait for her to get here. You and Susan have fun!