Friday, April 17, 2009

One of those "funny" moments at the OB

For any of you ladies who have been to the OBGYN you know that they always have "graphic" art on the wall. Some of it is informative and some of it is "artistic." But when your husband joins you for these appointments you can't always anticipate what they are going to say.

Ok, most of you have probably heard of the belly cast. It's like a plaster casting of you breasts and belly and they are popular to do when you're pregnant. Personally, I took a pass on this memory maker! :)

At my OBGYN these belly casts are all over the place. Similar to the one below.

Some have on bikinis, some are just plain, but they are in almost every room. So after my appt. today Dan and I met the Dr. in her office to chat. Out of nowhere Dan says "Woa, those boobs are huge!"- referring the belly cast on the wall. I laughed so hard. I was like "Dan, those are her boobs!" The Dr. was sitting right there. She thought it was hilarious and was quite proud.

If he'd said that in any of the exam rooms it wouldn't have been weird b/c they don't belong to our Dr. But no, he had to say it about the one that was of her. He turned beet red! And we all got a good laugh out of it. Thank goodness our Dr. is young, laid back, and really funny. She said she couldn't wait to tell her husband.

I think Dan will now only make jokes when no one else is in the room. :)


Kathleen said...

sometimes I read your blog because it's linked from Shauna's, even though I don't know you! I think I can tell who your doctor is... initials KK? She was my doctor too and she delivered my son!! I love her she is SO GREAT! I hope you go into labor on a Monday so she can be there for you too! Good luck :)

Dan, Ashleigh, and Isabella said...

That's the one. She's a nurse midwife. And she is definitely great! I'm really glad she has a good sense of humor! :)