Saturday, May 9, 2009

Adventures with the Family

It was such a blessing to have family here for Isabella's arrival. We had so much more family than we expected- Susan, Mom, Dad, Lanny, Ali, Kaci, Heidi, Andrew and Adelle! Not everyone got to stay for a long time, but it was still so much fun.

Mom, Kaci, Heidi and the kids stayed for 4 days and we had lots of adventures keeping the munchkins entertained!

Isabella meeting her cousins for the first time.

Izzie's first trip to the park.

Looking a little rough here! :)

Off to the zoo!

Me, Izzie, and the pink "mingos" (as Adelle used to call them).

Adelle pushed Carebear ALL over the zoo! On the way in we told her she had to pay for Carebear and she grabbed him by the neck and very flabbergasted she asked "I have to pay for Carebear!??" It was hilarious!

This chimp was playing with Andrew and it was crazy to watch. Everytime Andrew would run up to the glass the chimp would slap it. And when we moved down he followed us and wanted to keep playing.

Isn't she FABULOUS!

Andrew and Adelle were so sweet with Isabella! Andrew wanted to hold her and Adelle wanted to read to her.

It was such a fun trip for us! We can't wait to come to TX to hang out with family again!

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