Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kelso family camping!

If any of you have suffered through the story of one of our vacations then you know that Dan and I have yet to have an uneventful vacation- whether it be roadtripping, camping, or even church retreats. My motto when it comes to vacations- if at some point you don't think "What have I gotten myself into" then it's not a vacation. This camping trip kept with our theme.

2:00 pm - Packing to leave. "Man it is beautiful! It's going to feel great out there!" -Ashleigh
Izzie is very excited about her first camping trip!

3:30pm- We've been to Walmart for sunscreen and s'more stuff; stopped by the gas station for firewood; and finally decided on the least crappy camping spot.

3:32pm- Cleaning up poop off of Izzie, her shirt, legs, pants, and the carseat. (Notice how funny thinks this is!

"It's almost chilly in the shade." -Ashleigh (it's about 75 degrees out)

4:00pm- Popping the tent. "Why on earth are there 4 poles?" - Dan

"Wait, this can't be right. Check the picture again." -Dan4:30pm- Marveling at the biggest tent Dan and I have ever slept in!

"Wow, we could have like 3 kids in a tent this big!" - Ashleigh (We've slept in a child's tent since we've been married.)

5:00pm- Dan's buddies, Dave and John, show up to join the fun.

5:30pm- Dave and John attempt to pop their tents.

7:00pm- Boys attempt to start a fire. Izzie and I leave them be and we go to the car for her to eat.

7:30pm- Boys go "fishing." Which means, they walked to the water, through in their line, stood there for half and hour, and then walked back empty handed.

Izzie has already had too much fun and is pooped out.

8:00pm- Hanging out by the fire. Cooking hot dogs and having a blast.

"It might be a little chilly when the sun goes down." - Ashleigh

8:15pm- Finding that the battery on the car is dead. Maybe we didn't need to have the radio on.

8:30pm- It's starting to get a little cold. Dave decided to get his sweatshirt. Why didn't we think of that?
11:00pm- Izzie is all wrapped up and sleeping in my arms while we sit by the fire. This is the life!

"I bet it's going to be a little chilly in our tent." - Ashleigh (It's about 60 degrees)

12:00am- "Snuggling" up in the tent. Which means we're trying to find a position in which we try to make sure Izzie is snuggled and warm, and we fight over blankets that are way too small.

"Ok, it is straight up cold out here!" - Dan

"I really should have gone to the bathroom before I laid down."- Ashleigh

1:00am-3:00am - Dan snores, I check on Izzie every 12 minutes.

3:00am- I check the weather on my phone. It's a whopping 50 degrees outside.

"Scoot over, you're pushing me into the side of the tent" - Dan

"I'm freezing!!! Snuggle Izzie, I'm going to the bathroom." - Ashleigh

3:00am-6:00am- Dan snores, but claims he didn't sleep! :) I check on Izzie every 10 minutes.

6:04am- "Dan, it is time to go home now." -Ashleigh

We finally got up around 7am and jumped the car off. Izzie and I went straight to the car and turned on the heat. Notice there are no pictures from the next morning. :)

7:15am- "I don't care, just throw the crap in the car." - Ashleigh


Jess said...

How funny!! Camping is never fun when diapers are involved.

the nelsons said...

we told you there were 4 poles! if yall can't pop that tent, maybe yall should stick to yall's kids tent! glad yall had fun..or something like it.