Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pelican Pete's

For the last 3 years we have been driving by this old house with TONS of junk in the yard and a sign that said "Pelican Pete's - closed for the season." We thought it might be a snowcone stand, and seeing that we moved to KS in January it wasn't weird that it was closed. But the place has been closed the entire time we lived here, so we started to wonder what in the heck this place was.
Pelican Pete's is FINALLY open! After 3 years! And we got to go. Isabelle had a slumber party at Tana and Dean's (good friends of ours) so Dan and I went to dinner and then to get a long awaited snowcone at Pelican Pete's.
Dan had blueberry cheesecake and I had Funky Cold Medina (banana, cherry, and tangerine). I couldn't resist. After enjoying our frozen treat we went "cruising" in JC and listened to "Funky Co Medina." You can't eat a Funky Cold Medina and not listen to Funky Co Medina. :)
Me sitting on the world's largest porch swing!!! It didn't really swing (ripoff!).
Dan trying to steal some of my snowcone.

Thank you Tana and Dean!! It was so awesome to have a night with just the two of us!

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