Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What!? Are you serious!?

Sweet and unsuspecting little Izzie . . .
She doesn't even know what kind of suprise I have for her.

"Mom, why are you waking me up?"

"Wait! What did you say!? I'm getting another cousin!?"

"That is AWESOME!"

"Think of all the fun things we can do together!"

That's right! There's another Jones family cousin on the way. Kaci and Kyle are expecting a munchkin and we are so excited for them! Izzie is already scheming. :)


Susan said...

This is precious! Congrats on a new cousin, Izzie!

the nelsons said...

haha! this is hilarious! i laughed out loud and made kyle come look.

The Jones' said...

how cute!! I love it!