Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Beautiful Night

God's timing is perfect! Today I received the best gift I've gotten in a very long time. After a rather long and loney couple of days with a very fussy, teething Izzie I was just about to have a meltdown. Just before I was going to ATTEMPT to put Izzie down for the night I got a knock on the door. We went to the door and were blessed beyond belief by the Hutchins family caroling and reading the Christmas story. It has not really seemed like Christmas this year with Dan gone, and I haven't even cared to try and celebrate much. But as I heard the Christmas story read and beautiful carols sung I was overwhelmed with the reminder that Christmas is not about me being alone again for another holiday or about my lack of sleep in the wake of a teething baby or about the stresses of the dealing with the daily grind of being a wife or mother- this is a time to celebrate our Savior. I am so glad it's not all about me. Hutchins Family- thank you for your willingness to spread the good news. And by the way, the cinnamon rolls were AMAZING! I shared some with my neighbors. :)

Merry Christmas to all!

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The Shepherd Family said...

What a wonderful story!! I am so sorry you are alone this holiday season, I know it is a true bummer. Please let me know if you ever need any help, or just company. I know this time is so hard for you...I have been there and hated every minute. You are loved Ashleigh!!