Sunday, February 13, 2011

So it begins...

We have had our first official battle over what we would wear to church.

My mother in law has been warning me that this day would come. Apparently, Isabella's father began at 18mo a one year battle against overalls. He got a spanking everyday and still kept coming back for more.

Up until this point I was holding out hope that maybe Izzie had none of her Mommy or Daddy's personality... as we were both a little difficult to raise.

I'm losing hope!

This morning I tried a dress on Isabelle to see if it still fit.
As you can see, it's a little small.
Not too bad, so why would I make this one a battle??
Well... Izzie is becoming quite proficient in snaps and zippers and I was a little concerned that THIS is what would happen during church! Seeing as it's the first thing she did as soon as I put it on her.
We may end up getting the child we deserve, which I'm prepared for. But I'm really hoping to avoid raising the "church streaker!"
This is what she actually wore. After some tears (and a candy corn) she was finally proud to wear it. :)

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