Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sorry I'm late! :)

Well, I'm really late posting these, but here are a few more pictures from when Heidi and the kids were here. And lets face it, we would all rather look at these cute little munchkins than listen to anything I have to say. :)

We went to this fun park on post that has a REAL train engine to climb on! Andrew loved it!

This is Dellie's precious silly face!

Ok, so one day we gave Dellie chocolate before her "nap," forgetting about the caffeine. Needless to say, there was no nap that day. So Dellie and I did makeup in my bed. First, I put makeup on her, then she wanted to put some on me. She is such a girl! Makeup is her favorite thing in the whole world and we primped for over an hour!

Am I a masterpiece or what!?

Then Dellie felt like she needed to do some yoga. I don't think I've ever seen that kid so wired! NO MORE CHOCOLATE BEFORE NAP!

On our last day we go a chance to go around post and play on some old military vehicles. Andrew was in hog heaven! He's a little soldier in the making. Look out, he looks serious!

Always keeping an eye out for the enemy... I think he sees something!

He's takin' 'em out!

America wins! Mommy I'm coming home!

Look at that sweet girl waiting for his return.

When Andrew was playing on the tanks Dellie walked about 30yds to this monument and sat down. She so independent! I thought this was precious. This is the symbol for the First Infantry Division, which is the unit Dan is in.

Ok, I know this is probably like watching someone else's home videos, but I had to share. I miss them already, though I'm not sure I will ever get all of the goldfish and cheerios out of my car! :)


Anonymous said...

Awww! They are so cute. You brag on your niece and nephew all you want. That's what aunties are supposed to do. I love the makeup shots!


Kristyn said...

These pictures are so great....ALL of them!!! My fav's: Andrew on the tank, Adelle doing the splits, and you with your new Makeover.