Monday, March 31, 2008


Well, the past week has been absolutely insane. Dan has been in a firefight every time he's gone out. Yesterday he slept for the first time in 3 days. I found out yesterday that Alpha Co. lost 2 guys a few days ago. They also suffered 3 injuries, 2 critical. Please pray for these families. I cannot imagine being so close to the end and getting bad news.

Due to these casualties we still have not received a phone call about their return, but as far as I can tell it has not changed when I will see him again, the notification will just be less than 2 wks.

I have been staying busy at home trying to get ready for Dan's return . . . cleaning out closets and finishing projects around the house. Of course I put everything off until the last minute. I've done quite a bit around the house since Dan left. I'll have to post some pics when I get it all finished. Hopefully I'll have it all done by the time Dan comes home, but that may be a small miracle! :)

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