Friday, March 28, 2008

A Firefight

Ok, I just got an email from Dan about a firefight they were in and I thought I'd share:

the sector has been going absolutly crazy the past 3 days. police stations and checkpoints have been taken over,weapons and vehicles stolen and even uniforms. so anyway things are crazy, not really with ieds and such but more with guys actually shooting at us. so anyway we went out today and stayed at one of the poliece stations and all day people were shooting at us and stuff we did some patrols and stuff just walking around. it was really cool. but things really got sweet when we went to leave. we had to go up this street that is usually really dangerous so we were expecting to get some action haha. sure enough we werent let down. the first turn we made like 200 yards from the station they shot an rpg at us and then we rolled down the street for about 2 miles with them shooting at us from everywhere. it was awesome

And great news, NO AMERICAN CASUALTIES! Dan was gunner and said later in the email that he was able to play a big part in the fight. For the first half of the deployment Dan was driving and felt ripped off during firefights, like he didn't contribute much. It may seem crazy to be excited about this, but it is VERY demoralizing for the guys to be stuck there and nothing is happening. They feel like it's a waste.

They are keeping these boys busy up until the day they leave I think!

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