Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Day My Love Returns!

Well, I made it! Today is the day! So far there are no delays and his ceremony is at 6:30 pm tonight. So if you don't hear from me again after that you can assume that he is home safe. :)

I'm working until lunch today. Then I have to run home, iron my dress, hang up the outdoor decorations, close all the doors that are hiding the things I haven't done :) and then be at the ceremony site at about 4:15. I'm not allowed to go in until an hour and a half before the ceremony but I'm going to waiting in line. :) It will be a miracle if all this actually comes together!

Well, I got my grocery shopping done last night. Hopefully that was the last crazy irrational meltdown I will have. I went to Walmart and couldn't decide what I wanted so I completely bought them out! I bought enough food to feed a small third-world country. I was almost in tears the entire time I was there b/c I didn't know what to buy and I just kept picking stuff up then I knew I was buying way too much and felt even crazier. So I was "crazy dialing" everyone that would listen. By the time I got it all in the car I was bawling. I'm totally aware that this is insane, but reality nonetheless. But God is amazing and the only thing that I bought that can't be frozen is some salad. So I didn't just waste money, we'll eat it eventually.

I was just SO AFRAID that Dan would walk in and be like "man, I can't wait to eat -----" and it would be the one thing I didn't buy. I just want to be able to say "hey, I thought you might want that and I already have it!" The thought "Gees, Ashleigh, you only had a year and a half to plan for this. Was that not enough time?" keeps going through my head. But it's almost over and I'll know for sure that all of these fears are completely insane!

Please pray that Satan doesn't attack me again today with some irrational fear. And also pray that these boys get here safely.

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