Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's Party Time!!

It's a last minute decision but Dan and I are coming to TX this weekend and we're ready to party! :)

Family: There's going to be a brunch Saturday morning at 10:00am at Susan's house. It's just going to be hanging out and having some finger foods. I hope everyone can be there!!

Friends: We are having a party at my mom and dad's house Saturday night at 7pm. We would love for anyone who can come to be there. It's going to be a time to just hang out, play cards, smoke cigars, etc. If you have any group games be sure and bring them.
Btw, any family that wants to join us is welcome. :)

If you think you'll make it post a comment so we can have some idea of how many to plan for. And let me know if I need to post directions to my mom and dad's house. Most people know where it is I think.
I hope everyone is there!


Kristyn said...

Hooray! Check your e-mail, I just sent you one! ;)

Brent said...

We're going to try to figure out how all of us can make it to both events, but as you hopefully know Saturday is Dellie's birthday party.

You are both invited. It's a garden theme (just to ensure that you're appropriately attired).

We can't wait to see you guys...mainly Dan.

Morris & Kendra said...

Dan and Ashleigh -
I'm so sorry we are going to be out of town this weekend - but we sure are praising the Lord that Dan is home safely and in Ashleigh's arms again!!! We will catch you guys next time you are in town -
We love you!
Morris & Kendra