Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Keep an eye out

Keep an eye out this weekend b/c I will post pictures and video of the redeployment ceremony. Probably more than anyone wants to see! :) I'll take pictures of everything! I can hardly wait!

I found out that there are approximately 500 guys coming home so I'm a little freaked out that I won't be able to find Dan. When Tiff's husband came home there were about 100 and it still took about 30 seconds. Which is an eternity!!! :) And they ALL look alike!! You'd be amazed at how well that camo works! If there are 500 men dressed in the same camo it could take an eternity to find Dan! Thankfully he's shorter than most so that will help some. All the average height guys are impossible to spot. And it's so sad b/c the kids are running up to everyone saying "Daddy?"


Kristyn said...

CONGRATULATIONS on a phone call. You're probably less than 24 hours away by now right?? HOW EXCITING!!!!
oh, and I was kidding about the sheets. Sort of.

Morris & Kendra said...

Ashleigh - I know you can't wait and tell Dan HEY for us! We have been praying for both of you guys - also - remember Dan loves IBC cream soda - he nearly broke us here growing up! HEHE.
Love to you both,
Morris & Kendra