Thursday, May 22, 2008

Well, those of you who bet that Dan's highschool shenanigans would eventually land him in jail can now collect. Except it wasn't his shenanigans that got him in trouble.
So school had just let out and my phone rang. It was Dan saying that he got pulled over because the tags were out, he couldn't find the insurance card, and they were going to take him in if they didn't get proof of insurance. He was on post and he was driving a car that we borrowed from a teacher that I work with. So I ran to ask the owner where the insurance was. Then he called me back and said that it didn't matter, they were arresting him anyways. His wallet got stolen last week so he didn't have a hardcopy of his liscense and when they ran his number it came back that it had expired while he was in Iraq, which we didn't realize.
What amazed me was that he was less than a mile from the house and he had Mattie in the car, so they let him drive the car to the house, put Mattie up, THEN they cuffed him. Apparently he can be trusted to go straight to the house, but he can't be trusted to sit in the car without cuffs on.
It didn't end up being that big a deal. I don't think it will even go on his permanent record. They just called his commander to come get him. Which was actually funny b/c his commander showed up with his kids and wife and he had to sit in the back with his 2 kids- 6 or 7yr olds. They were like "Who's he Daddy?" Dan was a little embarrassed to be introduced to his kids as the guy he was bailing out of jail. :) HAHA! Anyway, it was quite a night. But all is well. His commander didn't care and I don't even think it will go on his record.


the nelsons to be! said...

haha! that is really funny. kinda stinks..but still funny!

Anonymous said...

hahaha!!!! that's funny. I thought I'd check to see if there was anything current on your blog and boy was I not disapointed! Awesome. Have you gotten the present in the mail yet?