Friday, May 16, 2008

This is our dog Mattie. She keeps us young. Everyone said that boxers are puppies forever and I'm thinking they're right. But she's surprisingly mellow sometimes. She'll roll around on the floor for hours entertaining herself. Then without warning she'll jump up and run around the house at breakneck speed. She's been one of those things that makes us happy so I thought I'd share some pics.
She can look mean, put that it! She the most pathetic baby in the world!I DEFINITELY didn't get a guard dog out of this one!
This is Mattie rolling around in the floor playing with her duck. She does this for hours sometimes.
She follows us around the house EVERYWHERE! I think I'm better prepared for a toddler who's always under your feet.

Play with me please!!!

This is a video of us giving Mattie peanut butter. It was pretty funny, but then again we're pretty bored here in KS! :)


the nelsons to be! said...

i haven't seen mattie in forever! when are yall going to breed here and sell one to kyle and me. we need a lola.

Dan and Ashleigh said...

Well, we can't breed on post, so we're gonna wait about a year and a half, so that it's really close to when Dan gets out. Don't worry, we'll call ya! After 8wks we're gonna be ready to pass them on! :)