Monday, July 14, 2008

Being Kids Again

The day I flew back to KS Dan picked me up at the airport and we stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge that night. If you haven't heard of the Great Wolf Lodge, its the coolest place to take your munchkins. It's the perfect thing to do during the winter b/c they have this awesome indoor waterpark with a 4-story water fort, and tons of other fun stuff to do indoors- like arcades and the Cub Club (for little ones). There's also some water stuff outside too, but that's only open seasonally. The waterpark is included in your room price, and the rooms are so much fun. Some of them have forts and bunk beds. If you stay, you have to order room service one day. It's not too expensive and they bring it in a picnic basket with a blanket. It's so much fun! Anyway, there's my plug.

We had so much fun acting like kids again. We played in the water fort, went on all the waterslides, and rode the lazy river. And then we had our picture taken in front of the big bear. We had just gotten out of the pool, which is why I looked like a drowned rat.

The enormous waterfort!
The toddler area. (Sorry to whomever the rear-end belongs to- that was unintentional.)
The Cub Club

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