Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fun news!

Well, we are very excited to say that there is a little Kelso on the way! It's still really early, but I think I'm about 6-8 wks along, which means baby should arrive some time in April. Due to past miscarriages the doctor is doing a lot of testing to make sure things look good and so far they look great. Tomorrow Dan and I are going to our first doctor's appt and we're going to have a sonogram done. So we will probably be able to see the little jelly bean! :) I'm also really praying that we'll be able to hear a heartbeat.

I told my students at school and they are so excited! They wanted to help me name the baby. Some of their suggestions... name it after every one of them, Junior Kelso, Mellie, Lexi, and Beaner. Beaner was by far my favorite of the suggestions! :) What do you think!?


Chance Family said...

Again, CONGRATS!!!! Wishing you well tomorrow! It'll be awesome. I know you're very excited.

the nelsons said...

yay! so exciting! woohoo! i love being an aunt! and like the new blog format.

Laura Selph said...

All of those are better than what annie suggested we name ours for the longest time she insisted we were going to name it baby laura if it was a girl and baby john if it was a boy when i finally made her understand we were not going use those names she came up with the super idea that it would be named pizza.