Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Great Day at the Lake

We went to the lake!! The little girl in this pic was in my class last year, Madison. Her parents are lots of fun and they invited Dan and I to come out to the lake with them. We had so much FUN!! We went to this great sandy beach, grilled out, went tubing, then went back to the camp and had some amazing smoked chicken.

This is Madison's dad, John, and her sister Izzie. (Kara I think she looks so much like Annie.)

Here's Dan and Maddie building sandcastles.
My first time tubing!! I feel muscles that I didn't know existed!
I couldn't help but add these pics. This is Dakota, Madison's dog. I thought the two of them looked hilarious just chillin' on the boat!

Thank you McDowalls for letting us crash your party!! We really had a great time!

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the nelsons said...

mm..i'm way jealous. i love the lake. we have a nice lake here, but a boat would be superb.