Friday, August 8, 2008

Growing Like Crazy!!

Well, I went back to work and was reminded that I haven't updated the blog in awhile or showed new pics of Sasha. So I took some yesterday. It's really hard to get 2 dogs to sit long enough to take pics. But I wanted to show how big Sasha is compared to Mattie. Sasha is growing like mad! I took her to the vet 2wks ago and she weighed 13lbs. I weighed her yesterday and she weighs 22lbs. She's gained 9lbs in 2wks!! It's crazy how fast she is growing! I hope she gets really big! I love big dogs.

I think this pic is funny. I kicked the dogs out of the kitchen while I was cooking and she just laid at the edge of the kitchen the whole time. How pathetic!!

Now for a stranger pet...
This is dad's new friend. I couldn't get them to get a puppy but a skunk they're fine with!! You never know what to expect. Of course, I'm not sure why. We weren't really an animal family but did have pets. We had the normal dogs, cats, hamsters, etc. But we also had a peacock named Petie, a hedgehog name Bob the mischievous, a pig named Benjamin Franklin, a half dead Shetland-Welsh pony we nicknamed "the stallion," and now it appears they are going to add a skunk to the list. Actually, they have now found 3 babies, so they are trying to decide what they are going to do. What a family!!

I have to say he's really cute! I wouldn't mind having one. And he's so tiny!


Chance Family said...

Don't worry about not updating your blog too much! Just tell those people- at least I have a blog! :) I think I know who you're talking about and she cracks me up too about how much she reads my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

9lbs in two weeks!She is going to be BIG.

Katherine H

the nelsons said...

dont forget the longhorn bull we named pumpkin! haha. oh and we were buying toys for lola and almost bought her a stuffed skunk, but thought that could get ugly when we go to visit mom and dad!