Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another day in the Army!

Well, this week has been a little reminder of Army life. Dan left Tuesday morning at 3:30 am for gunnery. Don't ask me what that is, but I think it's something about learning to shoot and blow stuff up. I think that this is more for the news guys out of basic. Either way, I haven't talked to Dan since Tuesday and as far as I know he will be back on Saturday. This is the longest we've been away from each other since Iraq and it's crazy how pathetic I've been. I've really, really missed him. But I've also easily fallen back into the routine of being alone. Actuallly today I had a heartstopping deployment moment.

You know the Yahoo yodel? Well, this was the "ringer" I had set on Yahoo Messenger every time Dan called from Iraq. Today I was standing in the office talking to some other teachers. There was a radio playing softly that I didn't even notice until it played the Yahoo yodel. I stopped in my tracks and almost lunged for the "computer" hoping that I'd get to it before he hung up. All this happened in a flash, and then like a wave of blessing I realized that he made it home. That I don't have to spend hours at the computer waiting to hear from him. I don't have to wonder if the doorbell will bring bad news. God is so good! He brought my Love home even though that was never a guarantee. I have so much to be thankful for!

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