Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Isabella Leigh

Of course, I am late posting, but here are the latest sonogram photos. Heidi and Angela did a sonogram on Thanksgiving day and it's a girl! We were so shocked. For some reason, Dan and I both were convinced we were having a boy. But we are so excited! Here name is Isabella Leigh, but we'll probably call her Izzie and Bella a lot of the time. I would show you the picture that showed she was a girl, but that didn't seem very lady-like. And I'd hate to start embarrassing her before she even arrived.

Isabella's sweet face! This is of her profile.

She is looking up and to the left. Hope you can see it.

The bottom of her little foot. Her toes are pointing up and to the left.

The sonogram was so amazing! She moves around like crazy! A fiesty, wiggly little thing. :) It's such a blessing to have a sis who can do sonos. We have been spoiled just watching her. The coolest part was seeing her mouth move. She did it several times and I don't know if she was swallowing or already trying to talk like her Mom. :) And I could see her whole body react after I poked my belly.


Kristyn said...

very sweet pics of baby GIRL!!! so glad y'all stopped by last weekend! forgot to tell you when y'all were here, but thanks for the book you sent in the mail!! we love it! Have a great weekend!

Daisie and Andy said...

The pictures are wonderful. And I have to let you know that I've memed you. Check out my blog for more information. I'm just sharing in the love. =) And by the way, I love the name.