Saturday, December 6, 2008

To TX for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!
An adorable Thanksgiving card from Aunt Kathy.
Of course I'm late posting, but better late than never I suppose. Actually, I've been working on this post for about a week and I just never finish it. I'm bound and determined to finish it tonight.
Here are lots of pictures from our trip to TX. We had so much fun and the trip didn't fly by too fast, which was great. Some of the big news from the trip. . . Heidi is having another baby (due sometime in July), we're having a girl, and Mom and Dad built the coolest playground area for all the grandkids (wish I had a picture).

Dan and I taking a traditional picture at the James' house.
We've taken one by the lake every year we've visited.

Dan and his dad playing with John's new toy- an AK47. John has been considering a handgun lately, but this is what he settled on! Between John and my dad we never know what to expect!

This is Pappy's (John's) first gift to baby Isabella. Ok, so he didn't know we were having a girl when he bought this, but I'm sure Izzie will love it! Izzie and I were both very excited!

Before I went to TX I bought these mittens for Dellie. They were only a dollar and I thought they were cute. Well, as you can see, she was enamored with them! She wouldn't take them off. Heidi said she even slept with them on. How precious!

Some of the fun moments from the May's family Thanksgiving!
Claire holding the puppy ransom
Grandma catching some ZZZZ's
Jack discovering bubbles!
We had so much fun!

These are all pictures of some of my favorite things about TX.
Sweeties donuts- we ate them for breakfast 3 days in a row
Sweet tea- one of my favorites and no one here drinks it
Tamolly's- Danny and Dellie waiting for a table. Always worth the wait!
Shooting guns- a favorite pasttime in TX
Well, that's a lot to read, but I couldn't leave anything out. We just had so much fun and did so much. This is why it has taken me a week to recover! :)

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