Friday, February 20, 2009

One amazing mother-in-law!

This past week Susan came in to help me get some stuff ready for Isabella. I cannot give her a big enough shout-out! It was completely amazing! She was here a week, refinished 2 pieces of furniture, and painted Izzie's room! And that doesn't even include all the ring-around-the-furniture I put her and Dan through!! They must really love me.
Lanny had helped me build a hutch for the dresser. And Dan and I had refinished the dresser/hutch just before Susan got here. She was going to refinish the armoire we bought for the room. So Dan and I had stain custom matched to the crib, we finished the dresser/hutch, and moved it into the nursery the day Susan was supposed to be here. It looked TERRIBLE!! The stain color was horrible. So we were back to square one. We actually decided to try our chest of drawers and dresser to see if matched better. It was a miracle! It matched really well. So we painted the other dresser and armoire for our room and we're not even using the hutch right now.

Our kitchen has been a workshop for months!

Susan also painted Izzie's room!! Obviously the room isn't complete yet, but isn't it so cute!

Here's the dresser and armoire in our room. Susan did such a good job!

I figured I'd go ahead and include some other pics from around the house. Other pieces that Dan and I have refinished lately- the desk and the 2 shelving units in the office area. The only piece left to redo is the entertainment center. I cannot tell you have sick of refinishing I am!!! We have refinished about 80% of the furniture in our house!! What can I say, I'm a thrift store girl!

And here's Mattie looking out the window. She really can't wait to have a yard!


Cinda Boshart said...

Go, Susan and Ashleigh! It's looking great!

beccaellis said...

Nice job! I liked looking at the pics of your house. Maybe I should put some up of my house. I'm going to have to come visit sometime! I'm very impressed that you refinish so much furniture. I do a piece every two years or so!

Good work!!!