Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby Update #3

NOTHING! Absolutetly Nothing!

That's the report! :) This little girl is hanging on and, you know what, I'm ok with that. I do wish the Dr. had never said that she'd probably be here early. Otherwise I would have never expected it. It's really easy to be selfish about this kind of thing, but I'm praying for God's timing.

So what am I doing to pass the time?


Making hairbows. I found the adorable headbands that you can clip bows and flowers to. So last night Susan and I made a bunch of them. I think they're going to be adorable.

Napping - quite a bit

Watching HGTV

Today we're going to buy my rocking chair. Needless to say, I put that off. I was thinking we'd just have to go get it after she got here, but since still not here, we're going to go today.

And I need to be cleaning again. I got lazy and now the house isn't really ready anymore. O well, I may need more to do to pass more time. :)


beccaellis said...

ha ha!

Kelly said...

Totally understand!! My doc made us think that Luke would totally be here early..I tried everything and still had to be induced 3 days after my due date...oh, well it's God's timing like you said. We'll be praying for you.