Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Spring Break Getaway!

Spring Break was the last week that I was allowed to travel, so I really wanted to go do something with Dan, specifically outside. I've been sick most of the pregnancy and I was starting to feel better, so I really wanted to get outside! We decided to go to our fav spot at Beaver's Bend in OK. We have a spot that's about a 1 1/2 mi hike in and it's completely secluded at the top of this hill. I love it! We've been several times and it was really special to me to go one more time before Isabelle got here. I was completely psyched!!! Dan wouldn't let me carry my normal pack, so I had a his assault pack with a few more things attached- less than 20lbs, which was the rule.

On the way down we found out the Bosharts were going to be there too. As soon as we pulled in, about 7:30 pm we packed in really quickly, threw up camp, then hiked out in the dark to go hang out with them at their cabins. It was rainy and wet, but I was shocked at how well I was hiking. I haven't done anything physical in months!
We hung out with the Bosharts until 11:30pm and had so much fun. It was awesome sitting around the fire eating "real" food and s'mores! On the way back to our spot, Dan got really freaked out about me hiking in the wet and dark again. So after much discussion we ended up in the Broken Bow Inn (not the first time this has happened)! I was really sad, but I can't complain about taking a hot bath that night.
The next day we went back to hang with the Bosharts and then they all hiked up to our spot with us, because we still had all of our gear there. Even though the trip REALLY didn't go as planned, I had such a great time. It was awesome to sit by the fire with the Boshart family, spending some time in the Word and singing together. It turned out to be a really refreshing trip.

This picture is exactly like one we took at this very spot when we were dating. We had come with some friends and it was really need to take the picture again, but with Izzie and Mattie.

When we packed our stuff out Grant was so sweet to carry my pack, that's why I'm only carrying a camel back. For any of you that know how stubborn I am, it was really hard to let him carry my stuff, but I'm trying.

Dan and I by our tent at our fav camping spot. It was so nostalgic to go back. Next time we visit we won't be able to use this one man tent and we'll have diapers! :)
The Bosharts piling in to go on a hike to the campsite.
The campsite isn't quite as furnished as their cabins were, but it works. I'm so proud of all the little muchkins! They did great! No complaining!

Does this tree make me look fat?? :)

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