Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baby Update

I just got off the phone with the nurse. I was supposed to go in today to have my membranes stripped and hopefully induce labor, but we had to reschedule. The labor and delivery ward is busting at the seams today and my Dr is afraid that if I went into labor today they'd have to refer me to another facility. I guess it's the 4th brigade baby boom. There are always baby booms 9-12 months after large units come back from deployment . . . army life! :)

So they decided to do it Friday morning, so hopefully we will have a baby sometime this weekend. We'll keep ya' posted.


beccaellis said...

Yay!!!!! Friday!!! Go stock your fridge and buy some ice. You are gunna need it. I'm so excited for you!!! Is the carseat installed right???


Anonymous said...

Very exciting! Try to rest while you "wait" for Friday. Can't wait for the details.

Kelly said...

So excited for you. Your world is going to change like you could never imagine (in a good way). Glad to see an update on here. We will be praying for you. Can't wait to see some pics of cute Isabella.