Friday, April 3, 2009

37 week doctors appointment

Well, we got a crazy surprise yesterday. I had my 37 week appt and found out that I'm dilated 2cm and 75% effaced!! I was completely shocked! My doctor told me that I need to get my bags packed because it could be any day.

We also discussed the possibility of needing to do a C-section. I have had some female surgeries in the past and they are concerned that scar tissue may cause severe tearing. She consulted with another physician and called me last night. She said that we are going to go ahead with a natural birth, but we are going to hope for the smallest baby possible so as to reduce trauma. So if I haven't had her by Tuesday then they are going to strip my membranes. Since my body has already started the process this will probably work quickly.
So, I guess I need to get ready to have a baby! This hit me like a ton of bricks last night! I was thinking I had 3 weeks, and I was really preparing myself for 4 weeks in case she was late. So needless to say my house is not cleaned and my bags are not packed. I'm a little frazzled! If anyone remembers how I was when Dan was coming home from Iraq- that's exactly like I was last night!! And if you do remember you're probably laughing right now! :)
Here are probably my last pregnant pictures, except for the ones at the hospital.
Mattie- "Wait a minute, I'm not going to be the favorite anymore!?"


The Shepherd Family said...

Good luck with the delivery, it will all work out!
Congrats on the house too!!
It was so great to finally meet you and get to hang out. We will definatly have to get together one you and baby are here for good.
And don't be scared about is amazing how natural it will all feel soon enough:)

Kristyn said...

Will be praying for a safe and easy delivery!!
Shaving 3 weeks off your pregnancy is not so bad though! :)
Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

You look so good... your belly is so much bigger... i still cant belive you will have your baby before april is over with...

love ya