Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Officially Homeowners!

Well, we are officially homeowners! Actually, there are 3 new homeowners in our family. We closed on our house this past week. Danny & Chelle and Heidi & Brent both close on houses this week! Heidi and Brent bought the house next door to ours, which is going to be so much FUN! And Danny and Chelle bought a really great place a few miles away.

Thank you so much to our faithful friend and real estate agent Amy Wade!Sorry, this is the only picture I could find. :) Amy, we all owe you a big thank you! Although, I will say Heidi and Brent owe you the most! :) They've been negotiating that deal for over a year! So collect from them first. HAHA!
I'll post pictures of Heidi & Brent's and Danny & Chelle's houses soon. They are both really great houses.

I posted a couple of pics of the front of the house, but I thought I'd post some before shots. We are planning on doing quite a bit of work before we move in in the fall.

They must not have tended to the yard in years! There is a driveway under all those leaves!

Our HUGE backyard! HAHA! The swimming pool is coming out and we're going to build a small deck.

Our kitchen and living room, with the dining room in the background. It's a foreclosure so they left a lot of junk in it. Needless to say, the kitchen will be a lot cleaner before we move in. We're also going to get rid of the wallpaper.

These are pictures of the master bedroom. The small double door in the second pic is to the master bath.

The picture on the left is of the master bath (it's really small, so it's hard to get it in one pictures) and the one on the right is of the front bath. They both have carpet! GROSS! Getting these bathrooms tiled before we move in is on the TOP of the list.

So there it is. . . our first house. Needs a little TLC, but we are so excited. I know this is probably like watching someone's home videos, but I wanted to post before pics and then I'll post after pics as all the projects get completed.


Jennifer, Josh, Taylor, Abby, & Brynn said...


Kristyn said...

I think it's awesome that most of the Jones siblings will be close to each other. I'm so glad the house worked out for y'all!
How are you feeling about having a baby SOON?! :)

Amy Wade said...

Oh my gosh I finally made a blog! I feel like a celebrity! Thanks for making my job so much fun. I have loved working with everyone. I'll be thinking about you this week and will say a prayer for a fast delivery of that precious baby girl. Keep in touch!