Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hospital pictures

Isabella Leigh Kelso

Here are a "few" more pictures from the hospital. I know, I know. . . it's like watching someone else's home videos, but it's hard to pick and choose. :)

Dan and I arriving at the hospital at 3:30am, looking a bit tired already. Who knew I was dilated 7cm already!!

Daddy had a long day, so he was grabbing some ZZZ's. Then after Isabella arrived they decided to watch some football.

It was so cool having family there for the birth.

Angela and Shawn (great friends here at Ft. Riley) were also able to come by.
Our nurse midwife, Kyana, who delivered Izzie. She was amazing!
I'm looking a little rough here. This was the morning we left.
Dr. Boyett and Dan in their Texas Longhorn hats. Dr. Boyett came in to assist at the end.
I don't know if you can read her shirt, but I thought this was hilarious!
"Irwin Army Hospital
Fort Riley Kansas
Theft of Government
Linen is a Crime
Under Federal Law"
Izzie tried to sneak out with it, but thankfully we caught her! :)
(Another day in the Army!)


beccaellis said...

ha ha ha! I love that last picture of Isabella in the "Government property" shirt!

Jack has a blanket that says something similar to that. I wasn't going to take it home, but the nurse wrapped him up in it and said to take him home like that. It's a great swaddling blanket too. My favorite one.

So glad ya'll made it home. I love looking at the pictures. Don't you dare stop putting them on here because you think we don't care.

Love you!


Chance Family said...

LOVE all the pictures! Can't wait to meet her! She's SOOOOOO precious! and, definitely, the last picture was hilirious- i mean- really . . . . come on now- don't you pay enough as it is for the hospital that they can throw in a free shirt!? haha

Kathleen said...

congratulations! Glad Kyanna could be there for you :) She is beautiful.