Thursday, May 28, 2009

Off to NTC
Dan is scheduled to deploy back to Iraq in late August or early September and almost all units spend a month at NTC (National Training Center) in CA to train before deploying. Dan's unit left a couple of weeks ago and is scheduled to return during the second week of June.
Dan was able to be home for the first 2 1/2 weeks of Isabella's life and it was so awesome to have him there. He is so amazing with her! He helps change and dress her, and of course he dotes on her constantly! It was such a blessing for him to have time to bond with her before he left.

Dan saying bye to his little sweetheart.

Izzie likes to look at this painting on the wall by her changing table at our house, so I put up the picture of her and her Daddy and she loves it.
I know she misses him as much as I do. They spent a many an hour rocking and no one has been able to do it quite as well, even me.

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The 5 of Us! said...

This makes me sad and cry! Josh is away at training now for a week at a time..and I know it's not the same by ANY means..but I still understand missing your husband! :) Love ya