Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy in the world! Dan you are amazing! I cannot begin to express how much Izzie and I love and respect you. You have been such an amazing husband and father.
For those of you who haven't really seen Dan be a Daddy yet, he's incredible! He is completely smitten with his baby girl and can't get enough of her. He helps feed, change and bathe her (I'll post the pics of Daddy's first time bathing her later) and he does so much more to help me around the house. We're going to miss him so much when he has to leave!!!
Izzie waking up her Daddy on Father's Day.
Izzie brought Daddy a clue to his present. . .
. . . a Japanese Maple tree.

"Read your card Daddy!" - she signed it with her hand print

We love you Babe! We hope you had an awesome Father's Day!


Christa said...

Ash she is getting SO big!! And definitely looking more like Dan from those pictures! so precious.

the nelsons said...

i love her smirk where dan is asleep. its so cute.

..oh and yall shouldn't plant that japanese maple in kansas. you won't get to enjoy it very long. at all.

(just trying to help.)