Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So what are we up to?

It has been so great being home with Dan! I can't believe he's already been home a week. Time flies when Dan's home. Izzie has been so great and Dan is soaking her up. Here are a few things we've been doing.

Izzie loves her swing. . .
and she absolutely loves playing XBox with Daddy!
This Saturday we were able to take our friends, the Shafers (Marc, Kelly, and their little guy- Isaac), to their first rodeo. They got their first taste of that "great" rodeo smell! We had so much fun! It was the Kansas Highschool State Finals. Those cowboys and cowgirls were so young! Now we're trying to talk them into coming to TX for a real rodeo in Mesquite.

Izzie wore her longhorns outfit in celebration of her first rodeo.


The Shepherd Family said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Izzie's outfit! Ya'll are such a cute little family:)

The 5 of Us! said...

Um, EW!! Longhorns Ashley!? Oh boy Oh boy..I need to talk to this kid before y'all mess her up!! tsk tsk tsk! lol..SHE'S A DOLL!!!

grace said...

bahh! i LOVE it! izzie's so gonna be a longhorn when she grows up :)

hook 'em!