Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Around the world in 30 days

Where do I begin! Dan left for NTC and Izzie and I set out to see the "world." After 2 trips to Greenville, one trip to Austin, and a trip to Florida; Izzie and I have been in the car about 70 hours in the last 3 weeks. It has been a blast, but we are a little tired.
The trip to Florida was really last minute! We decided on Wednesday to leave on Thursday with the family. We were sad that Dan couldn't come with us, but we had so much fun.

Arriving on the beach that first night

Izzie and Uncle Lanny a little road weary.

Andrew can't wait to hit the water!

We miss you Daddy!

The boys working hard on their sandcastle.
Mommy and Izzie catching some rays!
(Just kidding! Izzie spent all of her time in the shade.)
Isabelle and I hitting the open seas.
We all took a "dolphin" cruise. We paid entirely too, much to ride on a boat to see A dolphin! Yes, that's right, we saw one dolphin! As you can tell, Isabelle was really excited about it.
Here we are! 14 of us- just missing Dan. We all wished he could have been there with us.

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The 5 of Us! said...

Man I always forget how big your family is..!!