Sunday, August 2, 2009

Top Ten

You might be a Mommy if . . .
10. You now plan your day in increments of 3 hours.
9. Your beloved pet becomes Daddy's problem.
8. You find yourself reading more picture books than novels.
7. You have learned to do almost any household task with one hand.
6. You have used more stain remover in the last few months than you have in your entire life.
5. You no longer buy clothes for yourself, you just keep walking right past that section.
4. You're at the grocery store, alone for the first time in awhile; and run your fingers through your hair, only to find it crusted with spitup.
3. Sleeping in until 8am is a rare treat!
2. You snuggle up next to your hubby in bed only to find LinkADoo's in the sheets.
1. While walking through Walmart you find a pacifier in your shirt, nestled neatly in your clevage. That's where that stupid thing went!!!
I have only been a mom for 3 months, but I have already enjoyed all of these "little joys."
This is the life for me!

1 comment:

The Chance Family said...

HAHA! I'm LMAO! Those are great! 3 months and you've already had a fun time. Think what you'll write when she's 13! :) haha. can't believe how fast she's growing up!