Friday, July 31, 2009

4 Amazing Years!

Our Superhero!

Happy Anniversary Love! It's been 4 years. I cannot begin to describe what it's like being married to a superhero. I have adored you for 5 years (4 married) and fall more in love with you everyday! I still feel like newlyweds. I don't look at my life and just take for granted that you're part of it. It is a priviledge and honor to be on your arm. It's like I stole the best man in the world and still haven't been caught. HAHA World! The jokes on you! :)

Some of my favorite things:

You are forgiving, strong, seek the Lord and His will, put our family first, kiss me as soon as you walk in the door, patient- especially when I'm being an irrational woman, wash the car, pose for pictures (though I have precious few of just the two of us lately), courageous, work hard for our family, do laundry, change icky diapers without being asked, watch the news and keep me updated, you pray over your girls every night before bed, stand up for what's right, incredible leader, let me pick the "velocity red" Mazda even though you knew I'd get tired of red, don't get mad when I steal the covers, encourage me when no one else can, watch Izzie so I can nap, then come wake me up because you're so bored without me :), gracious, let me pick the movie even when you know it's going to be terrible, knowledge of Scripture, cool and calm even in stressful situations, watch UFC with me, brush my hair, pick up heavy stuff for me, wanted to marry me even though it meant living in student housing, don't get frustrated when I want to rearrange the furniture. . .again, speak with passion no matter what you're talking about, willing to serve us even when you're exhausted, and you love the Lord!

These is such a small list of the things that I love about being married to you. I can't believe I still have a lifetime to spend with you! And now I not only get to enjoy as a husband, but also as a Father. Thank you for being our SUPERHERO!

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Laura said...

how sweet! Congrats you guys!