Thursday, July 30, 2009

3 months!

Isabella is 3 months old!
Izzie is already 3 months old! Time is flying by! She is growing so fast and we are falling more in love with her everyday. Izzie weighs 12 lbs 3oz and is 23 in long. Just recently she has really started laughing and talking. She's been working on it for about a month, but has just really gotten good at it. Actually, when we were taking these pictures she was laughing so hard and I got a video of it. I tried to put it on the blog, but it's in the wrong format. I'll try to fix it so that I can post it b/c it's priceless.

So what else has changed . . .? Izzie is really great at holding her head up. When she's on her tummy she lifts herself up and holds her head straight for quite awhile. Iz loves to read books. And after we're done reading she likes to go back and look at the pictures. She is also sucking her thumb more. It's so precious. I haven't had the camera close most of the time but I did get one picture. It's just not very good.
Izzie has also now had her first piggy-back ride. I was cooking dinner the other night and Dan came in so proud to be giving Isabelle her first piggyback ride. She was grabbing on to his ears really tight, it was so cute! :)


the nelsons said...

oh my goodness! she's changed! she's getting so big!

and she looks scared of piggyback rides.

The Jones' said...

She is getting so big, I can't believe it! Growing up so fast!!