Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back in KS

We made it back to KS after our trip to TX and I think we've recovered. We were so busy that I forgot to take many pictures, but here's a few from our adventures.

Moving into our first house

3814 Stuart St

Mom was so awesome to come help us pack! We would have never gotten it all done without her. We a HUGE thanks to all the boys who helped unload the truck when we arrived in Greenville! We are SO excited about our first home and hopefully this will be the last move for awhile.

July 4th

Happy Birthday America!

Here we are walking in the Park St Parade for the first time. Dan pulled a wagon with Izzie and I followed. Isabelle wanted everyone to know that Daddy is her hero. She slept for the whole parade.

Andrew, Adelle, and Izzie after the parade. Adelle always "loves" taking pictures!

Isabelle hanging out in her new home

A new look
Dan worked on our home like crazy!! It had been sitting empty for about a year, so there's quite a bit to do. And there is still so much work to go! Here is what the house looked like when we left. Click here and check out what it looked like before! And we didn't get a pic of the backyard, but it has changed drastically also. The pool is out and the deck has been rebuilt and is almost finished. I'll have to post some "before and afters" later.

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Kristyn said...

Hey! We swung by Greenville yesterday on our way home from Family Camp in Arkansas. We went to Brent and Heidi's to say hello wished y'all were still there too!
The house looks so GREAT! I love how much you can see it now that the shrubs are gone!! It's such a cute house!!! I'm so excited for y'all...what an adorable first home! Now if we could just find you some friendly neighbors!! ;)