Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Boys Are Coming Home!!

Our Advon Torch, or advanced party returned from Iraq tonight! This is the group that comes home early to prepare for the whole group to return. One of my best friend's husband came home with them. Tiffany and I have really become soul mates this year. Her husband is in Dan's unit and they left at the same time, and I'm not sure I would have survived this year without her friendship. She has been there through everything this year; we've shared joy and tears. She was there for me the night I thought they were waiting at my door to tell me Dan was gone. I cannot tell you how many ways the Lord has blessed me through her friendship. So as you can imagine, it was an incredible blessing to be able to witness their reunion.

When the boys come home they have what they call a redeployment ceremony. They march the boys in, say a few words, then they are released. Steve's ceremony was at 1am, which apparently is quite common. The boys have been traveling for days and are completely exhausted. In a few short weeks it will be Dan coming home!

Tiff and I anxiously waiting!

Precious little tikes waiting to see Daddy again.

I don't know if there's a better feeling that welcoming your husband home from war!

As you can tell, this was a little emotional for me! :)

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Steven said...

Cant wait to see these same pics with Dan next to you...

~praying for you!