Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Almost There!

I bought a dress!! Yea! I'm so excited. I found the perfect outfit for Dan's return. Well, it may not be perfect, but I think it's really cute. And my house is almost clean! That's a small miracle in itself. I can't believe he's almost here.

What's left on the list:
Pick up the dry cleaning
Go grocery shopping
Wash and vaccuum the car
Load the dishwasher
Give Mattie a bath (our dog)
Iron the sheets and make the bed
Vaccuum the hall and guest room
Finish folding the laundry
Decorate the house for the welcome home
Bake a cake
Buy champagne

I probably have about 48 hours left! But who really knows for sure! They still haven't called to confirm anything. Welcome to the beloved army.

1 comment:

Kristyn said...

Um, you iron your sheets....seriously?
Can't wait to see coming home pics!!!!