Friday, May 9, 2008

The first month

Tomorrow marks 1 month since Dan's return. I can't believe it's been a month. I know that is so cliche' but it's really true. He was gone almost 2 years and it doesn't seem like we've missed a beat. I'm amazed how fast I completely left that time behind. I don't really even think about the time alone anymore. Life with him seems the norm, even though we've spend more time apart than together.

So what's new? What's the same? What's changed? I figured I'd take a moment to reflect on things that exactly the same and things that are different.

Exactly as I remember. . .

  • We still love cooking together.
  • I'm still whiny and pathetic when I want Dan to do something for me. . . and Dan still gets a kick out of it. :)
  • Dan still loves to go fishing (which he's been doing almost every single day since he got home)
  • We still enjoy playing with our dog Mattie (I'll have to post some pictures of her)
  • We still love to scare each other. . . don't know how this ever got started, but we've been doing this since we were dating.
  • Dan still loves to grill. And boy has he been grilling! We've already used a tank of propane!
  • We both still forget to put up our shoes. I swear, they seem to reproduce while under the coffee table.
  • We still hate to make the bed. Not it!
  • Dan is still NOT a details person! :)
  • We still love to have people over, although that's mostly me. Dan's such a good sport!

Completely different. . .

  • Dan doesn't snore anymore! This is crazy! He used to snore like a BEAR!
  • Dan dresses nice all the time. . . well, except for when he's fishing.
  • I can finally kill a roach all by myself; though, I never see them here.
  • Dan is crazy about kids. Before he left he didn't really know what to do with them.
  • Dan can sleep. Before he left he had a lot of trouble of getting to sleep and staying asleep. I guess living in a war zone teaches you to get sleep when you can.

Well, you can see that things are mostly the same. And the things that have changed are great. Well, I'm outta here. I'm going home to my Love.

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