Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

In honor of Mother's Day I thought I'd reflect on my favorite things about my mom.

  • Forgiving- can't tell you how many times I tested this one
  • Incredibly patient
  • She actually wore some of the hideous jewelry we bought or made her
  • Always knows what to say when I feel like the world is crashing in
  • Know's how to have a good time
  • Faithful
  • Can sleep through all the noise 6 kids can make
  • Can throw a party with an hours notice
  • Has really good taste - clothes, decorating, social ediquette haha!
  • Humble - never seeks recognition for the endless things she does for us
  • Took me to wrap houses in highschool
  • Didn't let Heidi and I kill each other. HAHA! I love you Heidi!
  • Can belch really well- sorry Mom, it has to make the top list :)
  • Always makes us feel welcome when we come to town
  • Drove a van! Gotta be the biggest sacrifice for us hoodlums!
  • Puts up with all my Dad's whitetrash ideas, especially since they usually work -I love you Dad!
  • Lets me borrow her shoes
  • Let me make mistakes, then helped me fix it
  • Drove a million miles taking me from place to place when I couldn't drive, even when I griped about it
  • Taught me to be hospitable
  • Never flakes out on anything
  • Doesn't say "I told you so."
  • Constantly sends me notes and treats to brighten my day
  • Never showed me how to salt a coke machine, definitely kept me out of trouble
  • Let me dress like an idiot in highschool
  • Doesn't stop even when she's completely exhausted
  • Always made Christmas the best time in the world. I know that I can speak for all of us when I say Mom makes Christmas unforgettable!
  • Rushed here without hesitating when I found out that we'd lost our first child

Mom, I doubt I will ever be the mom you've been to me, but I'm gonna do my best if God gives us another chance. I know that you'll never hesitate to teach me everything you know about raising kids. I just hope I'm smart enough to listen! :) I love you so much and I know that I will never even be able to remember all the times you blessed my life. I wish that I could be there with you on Mother's Day, but we'll celebrate when I see you next.


mom said...

Wow!! What a daughter and such a blessing that I have Dan, too! This is so sweet and I love you both so much!! No card could ever match your thoughtfulness, and this certainly brings back great memories.
luv ya,

Kristyn said...

Ashleigh, this is such a sweet post!
I have to add I think it's so great that your mom loves to scare people, and that's so funny and AWESOME!
And that she can stay up late with the best of them...quite amazing actually!
You really have such a fun MOM!