Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gettin' Ready

I'm getting ready for the year and thought I'd share some pics from my room. As you can see it's total chaos right now. Actually, today it was worse than when I took these, but it's coming together. School starts Thurs, Aug 14 so I don't have much longer.

Here's my desk. This is sobering, isn't it? It's starts now and I won't see the top of my desk until May!
A few fellow teachers hard at work.
Left to right, Deanne Smith (K), Shauna Chance (academic support), and Ashley Gilmore (K).


Chance Family said...

Who's that fat girl in the blue shirt???? Oh, wait. . . that's me! Thanks Kelso!!! :)

Kristyn said...

aww, I love seeing your classroom! wow, y'all start in like 2 days! very fun. I can't believe it's been a whole year that I haven't taught!! I'm old.