Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our Due Date

Well, things here are going well. I can say that today b/c it's the first day I haven't been nauseous!! WHOOHOO! It's a "PRAISE JESUS" kinda day! Lately, I've been pretty pathetic! I'm so glad God gave me an amazing man b/c lately Dan has picked up all the slack. You know, I knew he was cool when I married him, but he gets so much cooler with every day that goes by! He's been doing the dishes and laundry and taking care of the dogs. I'm so blessed.

We're going on 8wks now, so the first trimester is over 1/2 gone. I forgot to add our due date on my last post. It's April 21. Which is perfect timing on God's part b/c that's the very end of the year. That seems like an eternity away, but that's ok. More time that I get to spend alone with Dan.

Have a great day!

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