Monday, February 14, 2011

God is good

I confess that the first thing I tend to do when times are tough is pick up the latest book or get counsel from someone who is wise. Doesn't sound all bad right?

Why do I not go straight to my knees and His Word?

A few months ago Dan got home from Iraq again and we wanted to spend some time doing some marriage counseling. This wasn't because we had major problems, this is just something that we decided we wanted to do every year or 2 as a way to keep our relationship growing.

Strangely, the biggest blessing was that it didn't work out. We tried to get together with our pastor but stuff just kept happening.

Once again, I was trying to go to someone other than the Lord.

The last 6-8 mo have been tough.

The entire summer we were living in TX and KS, back and forth constantly.
I got pregnant in Aug (planned and rejoiced over!) and the first trimester was quite difficult.
The summer was filled with me struggling with the idea that I was "just a mom" now.
Pregnancies have been the hardest times Dan and I have had to face in our marriage.
Dan was discharged from the military in Oct. and the hunt for work began... still hunting.
During pregnancy my hormones are all out of whack and I have had serious bouts of depression.
Our little Izzie is no longer a baby and the need for true training in righteousness increases everyday.
We are really struggling with the decision of whether or not I should go back to work full time for a year or 2.
And baby no. 2 is ONLY 6 weeks away!!

The Lord has been so faithful!!

I didn't need counseling from anyone but Him.

I have been learning to praise Him for the struggles that force me to the only One who is sufficient.

So many blessings of the last few months!

Dan has been able to find jobs that have made ends meet.
The sickness only lasted the first trimester of this pregnancy.
I don't have to face another deployment- birthdays, anniversaries, holidays without Dan.
My Dr found a new medication that is helping tremendously with the depression.
Somehow our savings has lasted SO MUCH longer than it should have.
The Lord continues to show me what an honor it is to raise children.
We found out we're having a little BOY!
The water heater wasn't broken after all.
Izzie is not nearly headstrong as her Mommy and Daddy.
We have gotten through the winter so far without a single ear infection.
My dad gave me the best gift in the world- a remodeled bathroom with a TUB!!!!
And theres ONLY 6 weeks left till Levi gets here!!!

God is good.

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Jessica said...

Congratulations on baby LEVI!!! I love the name! God is good and His goodness is made evident in your joy. Thank you for the uplifting post and sweet reminder of how God reaches into our lives to take care of the very tiniest details. Matthew 6:25-34..."Consider the lilies..." Take care of you and your sweet family!